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Kwiziq offers a truly personalised learning experience for students and a proven method for improving retention and fluency.

We work with teachers, content providers and schools to boost their existing language learning content and tools.

We successfully completed a seed round of investment in August 2015 which we are using to augment and improve our core tools and expand into new languages. We are considering a second, larger fund raising round in the future.

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Students taking regular low-stakes tests (quizzes) performed up to 25% better in their exams.

- McDaniel, Mark A et al. Journal of Educational Psychology 103.2 (2011): 399

Student testimonials

I have been searching far and wide for a French tool, having studied at a French Institute somewhat intensely for 2 years continuously (levels 101 through 301), and then the past 2 trying to self-study but never being able to find something that worked. I've tried workbooks, Frantastique, French Pod, DuoLingo, 7 jours.... the list goes on. I haven't "felt" progression with these by much. In contrast, I have been using Kwiziq for only a couple of days, and I am amazed by how much it has solidified skills and my confidence in the language. Merci beaucoup!

- Amber Hsiao

Kwiziq is a wonderful program. I've tried attending courses, immersion (while working), listening to tv and radio, but I never moved beyond A2. All these years, I actually had no idea what level I was at. This program placed me in a level, and this motivated me to complete sections to advance. The quick kwizzes every day are a great way to keep working on my french even when I'm busy - there's no excuse.

- Ann Montgomery

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