Kwiziq for teachers

Kwiziq is your 24/7 assistant

Our free teacher tools provide you with a detailed overview of your students' progress before, during and after a lesson.

The topics students are struggling with (or excelling in), you can focus class time on teaching the most relevant topics.

Kwiziq will never replace you as a teacher but it can allow you to work more efficiently for better results.

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Group visibility, individual focus

As a group teacher you will have visibility of the overall progress of your class as well as detailed reporting on individual students' achievements and difficulties.

Kwiziq teacher tools allow meaningful differentiation between individual students as well as identifcation of collective strengths and weaknesses

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Students taking regular low-stakes tests (quizzes) performed up to 25% better in their exams.

- McDaniel, Mark A et al. Journal of Educational Psychology 103.2 (2011): 399

Student testimonials

I am sorry to gush about Kwiziq, but my husband and my mother are sick of hearing about it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kwiziq! It is perfect for me - I have huge gaps because I am self-taught. My circumlocution abilities are excellent and I have a good accent but Kwiziq isn’t fooled. It finds my gaps and drills them, which is what I desperately need. Kwiziq placed me in B1 and I was in B2 within a day. I’m going back through starting at A0 and working up. With other programs, this is PAINFUL. Duolingo was slow and agonizing - a huge waste of my time. With Kwiziq, I can go through the lower levels painlessly because it breezes me through the things I already know.

- Lindie Rachael

I’ve been a big fan of learning the French language whilst spending as little money as possible, so far. I use Duolingo and Anki’s spaced repletion flashcards. However, within a very short time I could see the incredible value of your site. I'm more than happy to show you my support and get a two year subscription. Forgive me, but if asked, I would be happy to say that to me, Kwiziq is the crack cocaine of French language learning! Thank you for your help!

- Andy Normansell