Head of Growth - Kwiziq Growth Team

Updated 22 February, 2021


If you’re an “under-utilised" startup marketer, here’s a chance to step up to a Head of Growth role for a fast growing early-stage startup. We already have product-market fit, and some channels are working well, but there’s a lot of room to optimise and expand!

Kwiziq is an intelligent language learning platform designed to help post-beginner learners reach fluency in the most efficient way possible.  We occupy a unique place in the language market and provide a completely personalised learning experience.  Kwiziq has been nominated for Best AI product in education 3 years in a row (CogX London) and our founders are award-winning entrepreneurs. Kwiziq exists to foster genuine understanding and deep relationships between people who speak different languages. We use technology to reduce, and where possible remove, the barriers to gaining fluency.  Here’s your chance to  spread the word about Kwiziq and get more people talking confidently.


  • Be our Growth Marketing Leader:

    • Reporting directly to our Founder and CEO, we’ll work together to select a small number of priorities from a long list of good ideas.

    • Manage the growth dashboard, help everyone across the org understand and interpret the numbers, and align their own work to help improve them

    • Become an expert in our customers: why and how they use our service

    • Manage our budget and be directly accountable for our revenue targets

    • Lead a cross-functional team including engineering, design, copy and product. 

    • Run a metrics-driven process of rapid experimentation.

  • Oversee acquisition end to end, from visit through conversion, activation, retention and referral, relying on:

    • SEO

    • Paid social

    • Conversion Rate Optimisation

    • Email marketing

    • Referral programs


About you

  • 2-7 years experience in marketing for a tech / online startup (SAAS, ecommerce, media / events or a marketplace). (While prior experience in a Head Of Marketing role is helpful, it’s not necessary for this role.)

  • Curious analytical mind, enjoy working with data. Ideally a background in a technical field such as science, social science or engineering.

  • Comfortable optimising direct-response copy that delivers measurable results, either as a writer yourself, or managing agencies or freelancers.

  • Comfortable understanding and interpreting data and growth metrics (you don’t need to pull the queries - though great if you can - but you need to know what to ask for and understand the data).

  • Able to patiently talk through disagreements, listen well and understand the points of view of others (while every business has disagreements, we have a very friendly culture with strong mutual respect).

  • Good sense for user experience design and copy based on learnings from customer interviews.

  • This is a long list, but we don’t expect you to master all of these things. We’re big believers in learn-as-you-go, and most of these channels are already up and running well. But you will need hands-on execution experience with at-least two of the following:

    • Paid social

    • Conversion optimisation

    • Referral marketing programs

    • Onboarding and activation email sequences

    • Search Engine Optimisation

    • Retention marketing

    • Activation marketing

    • Direct response copywriting (emails, ads, landing pages)

    • UX design (landing pages, signup flows)

    • “Jobs To Be Done” and customer interviews

  • Growth mindset - Demonstrated by intense curiosity, self-reflection, track record of personal growth & improvement in any area (personal or professional).

Apply because you want to:

  • Work with a bunch of nerds who learn other languages for fun.

  • Work remotely as a full team member… (We’ve been remote since long before COVID, and people love logging into work every morning).

  • Work with a diverse, international team on a challenge that will positively impact the world.

  • Expand your repertoire to run many aspects of the marketing mix horizontally across channels, and vertically through the whole funnel.

  • This business has product-market fit and we’re already on a strong growth trajectory with great unit economics. So you will have a chance to put some big wins on your CV wherever you are in your career.

All applications please email jobs@kwiziq.com with an introduction and your CV

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