Kwiziq’s AI Spanish Coach, now out of beta

New language offering to meet demand of growing Spanish language learning market

Published 13 March, 2018

London, March 13th 2018: Kwiziq, the AI language coach, officially announced the launch of its second language, Kwiziq Spanish. The new language offering was launched in beta to pre-registered customers in October 2017, and the company officially announced the end of the beta phase today.

“Spanish is spoken by an estimated 437 million people globally and is one of the most popular languages to learn, so we’re incredibly excited to be able to offer it on the Kwiziq platform. We’re continuing to expand the capabilities of our AI with a vision to make mastering a second language as efficient and enjoyable as possible. We’re also extending and improving our intelligent features for teachers and schools, using AI to automate essential tasks, reducing the administrative burden and freeing up time to focus on the actual job of teaching. We are now looking ahead to a strong year of growth and the next level of development for the platform.” said Gareth Davies, Kwiziq CEO & Co-Founder.

This announcement follows a series exciting milestones for team Kwiziq - industry recognition at the 2017 CogX awards when the company was named as a finalist for Best AI Product in Education Award (the only language learning product to make the final), and a record year of growth, validated by more than 2 million kwizzes taken on the site.

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