We've hit 10 million kwizzes!

Wow! It’s happened! One of our users has just taken our 10,000,000th kwiz!

Yes, ten million kwizzes!!

Totally mind-blowing!

Thank you so much to every single one of you that’s ever taken a test and helped make up that number.

Of course, it also means KwizBot’s set a vast number of questions in French and Spanish not to mention marked all the answers. So thank you KwizBot!

And thank you too to all our expert language teachers for all the rich and varied content they come up with week in, week out.

Looking back!

When we first started way back in 2008, little did we dream we’d reach such dizzy heights. Our first milestone was in 2014 when we passed the 10,000 kwiz mark and we then hit our first million kwizzes in 2017. Who’d have thought we’d be up to ten million in just three more years? Things have really accelerated, thanks to all you avid kwizzers!

So we thought it would be be fun to look at some of the stats over that time:

Celebration time!

To mark this amazing milestone, we’re giving away a lifetime Premium subscription to the person who took us over the line, together with some of the fab, new KwizBot swag!

And we’re delighted to announce our 10 millionth kwizzer was…

Elise G. 

Congratulations Elise and thank you for choosing Kwiziq to help you on your French language learning journey.

We’re also giving another 10 lifetime memberships to some of our most loyal and helpful contributors on our Q&A and Helpdesk:

Einar V, Cheryl N, J J,  Stewart H, Anita P, Alan G, Clara M, John O, David M and Alan K. 

A big thank you to all of them for making Kwiziq the wonderful community it is.

One final thing, as more schools find themselves working remotely, we’re trying to help where we can, so we’re also giving our lifetime winners the opportunity to nominate a school of their choice that would benefit from free Kwiziq subscriptions. 

Once again a final thank you to every single Kwiziq member for getting us this far! You’re all fantastic!

Here’s to the next ten million!

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