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What is an AI Language Education Platform?

If you're looking for a smart way to Test, Learn or Teach French and Spanish, you've come to right place. If you're new to our platform and eager to dive in, start by getting your current French or Spanish CEFR level with our test.

Intelligent Language coach for students

Beginners learning a language all have identical needs, but these rapidly diverge. It can take years to acquire language skills and everyone's path to fluency is different. Students get exposed to diverse sources, learning different things at different times in a completely non-linear fashion. Yet courses are all linear by design and so post-beginners really struggle to find material that suits their immediate needs.

Kwiziq Brainmap
Kwiziq builds detailed brainmaps of each student's language knowledge

Kwiziq solves this using artificial intelligence, learning what each student knows, doesn't know and any mistakes they make. KwizBot, the friendly face of our AI, builds up what we call Brainmaps, and uses these to guide their progress. He tailors studyplans, kwizzes and finds exercises perfectly suited to each student.

We don't claim we can make learning a second language faster, but because we make it vastly more efficient, as a result our students tell us they learn up to 10x faster.

Tireless 24/7 teaching assistant

Whether you teach one-to-one or a class of thirty, Kwiziq can make your job as a language teacher more efficient and more enjoyable. Why waste time on admin and marking when Kwizbot can design tests and exercises and even mark them for you?

Kwiziq lets you focus your time where your talents really lie: teaching and helping students to mobilise their language skills, motivating and inspiring them.

State-of-the-art tools for schools

Check out our a growing suite of features for teachers. If there's a feature you want but don't see here yet, then why not write in and let us know!